My last drunk

    I wanted to write about my last drunk, which was on August 31st, 1980.  That evening, as I remember it, wasn't particularly ultra-dramatic or earth-shattering.  What transpired that night seemed to represent  a culmination of negative traits over the years that came to a surface that evening.  My "alcoholic personality" manifested itself in full force that night.
    At that time, I was self-employed working as a print advertising sales representative for a specialty tourist map which I had created and published.  My goal, being the ever-present practicing alcoholic, was to make the quickest sale possible and then make a mad dash to one of my client's bar.  Some of the ad sales were made without any cash being transacted.   Sometimes, instead of a cash sale, I would propose a "trade out" in exchange for advertising. I was successfully able to negotiate a seven-hundred dollar trade out for both food and beverage consideration.   You can imagine my delight in having that much equity in booze.  A true, alcoholic's delight!  A veritable, fluid bank account...figuratively speaking.  That particular client would be my "go to" destination after making a sale.
    Needless to say,  I quickly achieved my quota of making one sale for the day.  I then headed south to my favorite watering hole to celebrate.  The drinks poured faster than the waves lapping on the shoreline a few blocks away.  My next stop would be to pick up my girlfriend who would be getting done with work in a few hours.  A few hours of precious time as I sat there and ruminated in my cups.  In my stupor, I noticed and heard the clock was time to pick-up my girlfriend from work.
    The toughest part of this commute was driving twenty miles at night from the watering hole to her place of employment.  To survive the drive (literally), I had to cover one eye with one hand in order to alleviate double vision impairment.  This task provided me a false sense of confidence when driving.  Looking back on my irresponsible behavior,  I am amazed that I didn't kill myself or others on that road.  Drinking made me very stupid especially behind the wheel but that wasn't the sole reason for my deciding to quit.   There was more stupidity to come that evening.

(to be continued next blog)


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